YouTube just released a major re-design of their site. Cleaning things up a lot and moving around a lot of things. The comment system looks very funky to me without threaded replies and stuff, but maybe they’ll fix that.

On thing that I really like that they’ve fixed is the rating system. Before it was a 5-star system where everyone either voted 5 stars or not at all. It was really fundamentally broken. They’ve replaced that entirely now with like/dislike buttons; awesome decision!

In their new design they’ve snuck in an April fools feature as well. (I just hope the entire re-design isn’t an April fools joke, because some of it is really good)

The April fools feature is this:

[caption id=“attachment_1410” align=“aligncenter” width=“580” caption=“YouTube TEXTp feature”] [/caption]

You can watch videos in TEXTp resolution! :P In other words, it transforms the video into colored ASCII art as you can see above, a sort of text-mode video! Tooootally awesome! I hope they keep the feature just because it’s totally awesomely geeky fun! :P